Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted anything new, but I really need to sell some of my stuff on here before I add anything else! xD

So if you like any of my things, offer a price! It doesn’t have to be the price I’ve listed, just whatever you think is fair! :)


Gold owl necklace $3

Gold owl necklace $3

White earrings - $2
Is the shipping combined? kittermew

Like if you buy more than one item? I’ll only make you pay one shipping price even if you buy more than one item :) hope this answers your question! ^_^

Peace bracelet - $2
Black paint splatter w/ heart top - $5Size: XSmall 
Peace beaded necklace - $3
Polka dot top - $6Size: Small 
One-sleeve top - $5Size: Small 
Chiffon dress - $10Size: Small 

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